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BTP Community Volunteers of the Year

Railway Mission Chaplains Community Volunteers of the Year I am...

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Railway Mission

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June 28, 2018

BTP Chaplains Award

Railway Mission Chaplains Community Volunteers of the Year

I am so proud of the Railway Mission Team and so humbled by the nomination of Community Volunteers of the year. To be nominated and shortlisted was a great achievement, but to win was tremendous.

As a confidential, independent support to police and railway staff, most of the work of Chaplaincy is one-to-one and confidential. Not only do we support those colleagues affected by railway fatalities, but working with the Fatality Investigation Team (also nominated at the awards) and SPMH in Birmingham we also support family, friends and witnesses of fatalities or those vulnerable to suicide who agree to the support offered by Chaplains.

Because of the nature of our work it is difficult to raise our profile without breaking the confidential relationship we have with the ‘railway family.’ This award is a recognition of the team and the work we do across the United Kingdom.

The Nomination Wording:

BTP is fortunate to have so many people who freely give their time to assist the organisation, officers, staff and the travelling public.  Amongst these volunteers are the Railway Chaplains who provide support and care to all who work for BTP, as well as those who travel and work on the railway.  The Railway Chaplains support was particularly prominent last year in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks at Manchester and London Bridge. 

In the immediate hours after these attacks, however railway chaplains, led by Liam Johnston, executive director of the Railway Mission, made their way to the scene to provide support to the injured, members of the public and all the emergency services are responded to these incidents.  And enhance existing counseling services that were already in place.

There railway chaplains do not only deploy following a major incident they are present across the rail network throughout the year helping railway staff and BTP enjoy the good times as well as get through the bad times.  The railway chaplains also supports the travelling public and in particular help support vulnerable people on the railway network.


Railway and BTP Chaplains Award