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Conversation Cafés

ScotRail will be hosting Conversation Cafés on Tuesday the 17th...

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Railway Mission

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April 13, 2018

ScotRail will be hosting Conversation Cafés on Tuesday the 17th of April, on trains out of Edinburgh. Teams will also be in Edinburgh Waverley Station.

Coming from an idea first suggested by the Railway Mission’s chaplains in Scotland. These events are in partnership with a number of organisations, including Railway Mission, British Transport Police, NHS Breathing Space and the Samaritans.

Graham Whitehead

Chaplain for Glasgow and the West of Scotland
Graham Whitehead


The event will see representatives from each engage customers in conversations about mental health issues, as well as signposting them or their friends and family to someone they can talk to in utter confidence when they are feeling down.

 Raising the issue of mental health and well-being is important to Railway Mission and we are delighted that on Tuesday 17th May 2018, the teams will also be joined by Scottish Government Minister for Mental Health Maureen Watt.