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Parsons Green

Yesterday at Parsons Green on the London Underground network another...

Posted by:
Liam Johnston

Posted on:
September 16, 2017

Yesterday at Parsons Green on the London Underground network another terrorist attack struck at the heart of the transport system. Thankfully the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) failed to detonate correctly. Sadly there were injuries, flash burns and crush injuries caused by the panic as passengers fled the scene. In one video a passenger made of the device burning, a member of staff can be heard to calmly and authoritatively move the passengers away to a safer position.

 BTP Officers at Parsons Green

I heard the report of an explosion at about 08:30 am and immediately contacted British Transport Police to book on duty and to receive information. The incident had been declared a major incident. As I was now driving I called Andrew and asked him to notify the chaplaincy team. Dylis and Steve were tasked to attend Parsons Green and the rest of the team to be a presence and a reassurance for police, rail staff and passengers at mainline stations.

In response to this instruction, Christopher Henley said, “It was the first time I had ever seen BTP and the Met Police at Chiswick this morning. I had one lady say it made her more anxious given what has happened.”

Andrew Hall added, “I have just spent some time with the receptionist at London Midlands HO in Birmingham. Her best friend was in the carriage, fortunately at the opposite end. These incidents cast a very wide net!”

Being that the injuries are not life-threatening and this attack essentially failed and that a person has been arrested, should not make us think that we are all now secure. Everyone should remain vigilant.

Designed by government, police and the rail industry, the ‘See it, Say it, Sorted’ campaign aims to help build a more vigilant network on railways across the country and raise awareness of the vital role the public can play in keeping themselves and others safe.

 see it say it sorted

I would urge anyone who spots anything unusual to speak to rail staff or contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40.