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Railway Workers WW1 Centenary Memorial Service.

Railway Workers WW1 Centenary Memorial Service.

Posted by:
Liam Johnston

Posted on:
August 28, 2019

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This memorial will be held in honour of the railway workers who died for their country during World War One, and to commemorate the overall contribution of the rail industry to the “Great War”.

Over 186,475 railway workers from Britain and Ireland fought in World War One, on land, sea and in the air, and more than 18,957 of these gave their lives. On 14th May 1919, in the presence of His Majesty King George V, over 7,000 railway people and families attended a service of remembrance in St Paul’s Cathedral “In memory of the railwaymen of Great Britain and Ireland who have died in the service of their country during the war 1914-1918”.

Now, a century later, the railway industry of Britain and Ireland – led by the Railway Workers Centenary Service steering committee – will come together again in a service at Southwark Cathedral, London, to remember those that fell.

Venue: Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DA
Date: Wednesday 6th November 2019
Time: Service will commence at 15:00, cathedral doors will open at 14:00

Space is limited, so register your interest online at as soon as possible.