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The tragedy of Grenfell Tower

Everyone has been touched by the tragedy of Grenfell Tower...

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Railway Mission

Posted on:
June 16, 2017

Everyone has been touched by the tragedy of Grenfell Tower

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have loved ones still unaccounted for and for those who know that they have loved ones still in the building. For the friends and families and the community so tragically affected by this needless tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

We remember too, the emergency services, fire crews so traumatised by the tragedy, police officers, ambulance staff and hospital and medical personnel.

Now as the body recovery of those who lost lives & forensics take place we hold in our thoughts and prayers the Specialist Body Identification and Recovery teams from the various police services including Metropolitan and British Transport Police Services.

 Grenfell Tower

There are no words of comfort, no words that can soothe the pain, but there can be justice and there must be changes to ensure this appalling and horrific tragedy is never repeated.