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Rail Industry Memorial Day at the National Rail Museum in York

On 23 March 2023, three years after the first national lockdown, the rail industry came together to acknowledge the contribution of colleagues in the rail industry who kept people and goods moving during the Covid-19 pandemic.The day was a chance to recognise the impact, personal sacrifice, and sad loss within the rail industry. But also thank our people and their valuable contribution to society and Britain’s economy.

Liam Johnston, from Railway Mission, led the service and said "Despite these challenges, many in the railway family have shown incredible dedication and resilience throughout the pandemic, working tirelessly to serve our industry and support others. Their efforts have been essential in helping to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic and keep society functioning during this difficult time."

Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, Network Rail's Chair said ‘The memorial service was an opportunity to pay tribute to the courage, dedication, and sacrifice of our staff and to acknowledge their key role in keeping the country moving during the pandemic. I have been humbled by the stories of loss suffered by individuals and their families across the railway industry and we should never forget their sacrifice’

Below we have two videos from the day. The first is from the service at York and the second is from Network Rail Anglia Region.

Rail Industry Memorial Day