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Railway Mission chaplains on video 

Michele Ashton,

Railway Mission Chaplain

Published 08/07/2021

Michele was asked by Pam Rhodes of Sunday Night Live on Premier to make a video. This is the result:

From about 40 minutes in, Michele Ashton, Railway Mission Chaplain talks about the need to have God in our lives because he will help us on the journey of life.

Michele Ashton for Induction Video for Greater Anglia Staff

Published 16/02/2021

Michele is the Railway Mission chaplain for the Greater Anglia area, including Stratford and Liverpool Street. With the lockdown of the last year and the associated travel restrictions, Michele was asked to create a video for the Greater Anglia train operating company's staff induction. This is her video where she explains a little about the importance of talking about your mental health wellness and wellbeing.

Heroes of STM Group Ltd and their stories for 'World Suicide Prevention Day 2020'  and Railway Mission Chaplain Andrea Smyth

Published 10/09/2020

This video of the 'heroes of STM Group Ltd' was made for World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 and is aimed at raising awareness of the incredible work done by these colleagues on the railway to help reduce the incidents of self-harm and suicide on the network.

Even in the darkest of times, there is hope, if you will reach out and take hold of a helping hand.

A Day in The Life of a Railway Chaplain

Published 2008

In 2008 Humphrey Gillott was the chaplain based at Euston Station and covered the area around London North up to Wolverton. This is a day in his life as a chaplain in 2008.

Humphrey continued to work with Railway Mission after his retirement on a voluntary basis, but has been fully retired now for a number of years but remains a wonderful support to the work of the chaplaincy.

BBC Inside Out followed Railway Chaplain Richard Cook

Published 31 March 2009

Richard Cook was the Railway Chaplain for the North West. This BBC Inside Out program followed Richard for the day and looked at the work he was doing at the time.

From Signalers to British Transport Police, Stations staff to the Grayrigg Train derailment, which was a fatal rail crash that occurred on 23 February 2007, the program looks at the work of a chaplain in supporting those who work on the railway network.

Railway Mission Chaplain Colin at Rugby Station with Avanti Staff member Jordan

Published 19/07/2020

Colin at Rugby Station with Avanti Staff member Jordan. As the railway industry begins to return to normal service post-Covid-19 lockdown, BBC Sunday Morning Live looks at the support provided to rail staff and some of the pressures they can experience. 

Railway Mission and Covid-19

Published 26 July 2020

Premier Christian Radio SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE... Liam Johnston was asked to record a piece to camera about the railway chaplaincy and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the railway industry. 

Video for the IMechE Luncheon

Published 27 February 2020

Liam Johnston, Michele Ashton and Chief Superintendent Gregory of British Transport Police explain a little of the value of Chaplaincy to the railway industry.

BBC Inside Out South East with Railway Mission Chaplain John Robinson

Published March 2019

As assaults on rail staff rise, BBC Inside Out South East looks at the use of body cameras and the support the staff have from the company and chaplaincy. With Railway Mission's Chaplain John Robinson

BBC One - Breakfast looks at Body Cams and interviews Railway Chaplain, Michele

Published 17 October 2018

Attacks on rail staff have more than halved since an operator introduced body-worn cameras, new figures show. Virgin Trains report the number of assaults on staff has fallen following the introduction of 275 cameras in February. Incidents of assaults fell from 20 in March to just six in September. The industry has found that attacks on barrier staff fell by 47% when they were wearing the cameras during a pilot study last year. Our Chaplain Michele was interviewed about the seriousness of assaults and the support Railway Mission chaplains provide to railway staff.