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We are happy to announce that Railway Mission has signed the Railway Mental Health Charter [RMHC]. Alex Volossevich, (Chairman, The Railway Mission) signed the RMHC and hopes that by leading the way other industry leaders will put in place steps to improve mental wellbeing in their organisations and in the wider industry.

The RMHC has been designed for rail, and co-developed with the rail industry, to support organisations efforts in improving mental wellbeing.

"The charter will help you identify, understand and address mental health challenges in your organisation. It signals your commitment to promote and support the mental wellbeing of your employees and the wider rail industry. Signing the charter shows your leadership in mental wellbeing.“ Joana Paiva Faustino [Senior Work Psychologist -RSSB]

All organisations working within or supporting the rail industry in the UK are invited to sign the charter.  There is no joining fee or annual membership costs and being a member of the charter requires solely voluntary commitment. Learn more here:  https://lnkd.in/dcHRaY3

"The mental health charter for the railway industry is a framework, delivered through key action steps, that have been formed to lead, advise, and underpin organisational efforts to create awareness, support positive mental health and provide access to support services whilst reducing stigma in the workplace." Lee Woolcott-Ellis